Expand Your Business Rapidly in 2021 -2022
Finally! An Online Event Where The Top Experts Will Gather to Show You the INSIDER SECRETS to Blow Away Your Your Competition.

Never Before Have These Experts Been Assembled in An Accessible Way ... Any May Never Again. 
Live On Zoom September 19-21, 2021
Learn From The World's Most Elite Sales Training Experts In 1 Single Weekend!
What is Sales Summit.Live?

Sales Summit Will Help You Crush Your Sales Goals in 2021

  • Accelerate: Your Leads, Production and Closing Skills
  • Master: Prospection, Steps to the Sale
  • Iconic Lifestyle: Achieve Balance Through Financial Increase
  • Make More Money: Faster and in Less Time
Sales Summit.Live 2021 will catapult you to your multiple 6 figure lifestyle income in 2021.
The Sales Summit.Live speakers have been featured in...
The Sales Summit.Live speakers have been featured in...
Why Should You Attend The Business Summit 2021?

No Need to Travel We Broadcast To You For Three Amazing Days

Launch Your 2021 with Amazing Sales Training and Strategies

Find That One Big Idea or That One Amazing Close To Make More Money

Our Guest Expert Speakers
Bryan Murphy
Bill Walsh 
America's Small Business Expert

Loral Langemeier
Dr Phil Money Expert
James MacNeil
Pure Selling
Ken Dunn
Daven Michaels
1-2-3 Employee
Ryan Anderton
Fill Your Live Events.com
Joe Pici
Finding Lost Revenue
Eric Lofholm
Sales Mountain Training
Dan Pfister
57% ROI Stragtegy
Bill Martin
BMAT The Art of Persuasion
Ollie Gabriel
H. Jackson Calame
JCal Digital 
Dave Espino
Dave Espino.com
Dr. Cynthia Stone
Susan Tomlinson 
Fab Calando
Unlocking CRM Potential
Jessica T Moore
Lead the Masses
Gina Marie Noda
Mission Based Capitalism
Susie Briscoe
Coaching to 6 Figures
Anita Sarda
Entrepreneurial Sales 
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All interviews each day will go live at 10am eastern standard time (New York City).
Sept 19th
  Day 1 Get Your Powerteam in Place
  • 2021 Sales Launch Code
    Outsource Lifestyle
  • Hustle Hard 
    Dave Espino
  • Laptop LifeStyle
    Daven Michaels
  • Pure Selling
    James MacNeil
  • Building Your Success Team
    Speaker Name TBA
  • Why They Buy
    Speaker Name
Sept 20th
  Day 2 Accelerate Passive Sales Income
  • Breakout Group Coaching
    Bryan Murphy
  • The Seven Pillars of Success 
    Cynthia Stone
  • How to Thrive in Any Economy
    Bill Walsh
  • Domination not Competition 
    Speaker Name TBA
  • B2B Fire: Getting Clients Through Linked In
    Susan Tomlinson
  • Fill Your Live and Virtual Events 
    Ryan Anderton 
Sept 21st
  Day 3 Massive Income Leverage
  • Breakout Group Coaching
    Bryan Murphy
  • Fast Cash System for 2021 Success
    Loral Langemeier 
  • Browsers into Buyers
    Ben Janke
  • From Contact to Contract
    Speaker Name
  • Unleashing The Authority Factor
    Ken Dunn
  • 21 Steps to 21 Success 
    Bryan Murphy
Your Summit Host
Bryan Murphy, BBA Founder 
Bryan Murphy is a Summit Host, Speaker Trainer and Digital Marketer. Since 2005 Bryan has achieved consistent 6 figure monthly and 7 figure quarterly results in the automotive digital marketing and now brings that expertise for coaches, trainers and speakers to launch and scale their online presence. 

He is passionate about his continuing development as he is being mentored under  Ken Dunn's Easier Life Elite Program and Russell Brunson's 2 Comma Club X Coaching.

Bryan brings a passionate style of communication having shared the live and vitural stage with speakers such as Grant Cardone, Loral Langemeier, Ken Dunn, Cheri Tree James MacNeil, Davin Michaels, Anthony Morrison and Bill Walsh.
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